We will be hosting Mr.Gökhan Çelebi for a seminar about technoparks, incubation centers, Teknopark Istanbul. He will be sharing some of the success stories at Teknopark Istanbul.

Event will be organized at B5.906 at 2pm.

Short Bio of Gökhan Çelebi:

A.Gökhan Çelebi is a Turkish mathematician, technology evangelist and entrepreneur. He is the founder of isbir.org (currently my IEEE) which was funded by the world’s biggest technical association-IEEE. He then served for METU Technopolis (Start-up Management) and INTEL EMEA HQ (Marketing and Finance). He is currently working for Teknopark İstanbul project which is the biggest and largest technology investment in the history of Turkish Republic as the start-up manager. He has graduated from Middle East Technical University (METU). He is currently doing Executive MBA at Sabancı University. He loves reading about history & innovation and dealing with social media. He is an addicted football statistician.