Entrepreneurship from Idea to Launch

A highly recommended Entrepreneurship course on Udemy


Experienced entrepreneurs serve as important mentors and advisers for new entrepreneurs. Reach out to an entrepreneur (or even better several entrepreneurs) and take time to learn their stories. Use their story telling to help illustrate for you:

  1. What was the process this entrepreneur went through when going from idea to launch? What steps were taken and what may have been skipped? What challenges did the entrepreneur face when moving to launch?
  2. What stage is this business in its life cycle? What issues and challenges did this entrepreneur faced at each stage in the development of their business?
  3. How does this entrepreneur view the risk taken when launching the business?

Keep in contact with this and other entrepreneurs you get to know. They will serve as important people to reach out to as you progress in your entrepreneurial career. And don’t forget to return this favor to entrepreneurs who reach out to you some day.

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